Self-powered subwoofers

These self-powered subwoofers feature a powerful amplifier and a subwoofer for a perfect reproduction of low frequencies. In addition to low distortion,the transformer ensures signal integrity and long lifetime.

Combination of ARC Series with wall-mount loudspeakers provides great results in bars or event rooms. Thanks to its black wood housing, it perfectly integrates itself in any installation´s design.

Total control on low frequencies.
Rear panel of ARC Series features many controls for connection system configuration, providing a perfect integration in any installations. Thus, it is possible to modify parameters like inner low-pass filter frequency (from 50 Hz to 150 Hz) or woofer phase inversion. Regarding input signal, ARC SUB 12 has a conventional full range Line input, as well as another LFE that allows using it as a unique bass amplifier (in case of external passive loudspeaker use). In addition, they have a high level input for signals coming from amplification.


High performance self-powered subwoofer.
Power output: 150 W (ARC SUB 10) 200 W (ARC SUB 12).
Line In / LFE inputs.
Inner cut frequency adjustment.
180° woofer phase inversion.
Standby function (the amplifier only operates when it detects input signal).