ARION 5 Series

Self-powered Line Array system

Self-powered line array system with configurable DSP module.

The ARION 5 line array system is composed of four SL 25 satellites and a SL 115 SA self-powered subwoofer. Each SL 25 integrates two 5.25" transducers for mid and a 1" compression driver for high. The high quality of these transducers makes it possible to obtain an efficient response. SL 115 SA uses a 15" woofer specially designed to enhance low frequencies response. Besides, it includes the power amplifier. This bi-amplified module has separated ways to amplify each band section according to their requirements.Thanks to its self-powered feature and compact size, ARION 5 is a plug and play line array system which is really easy to transport and install. These features and its power output make it a perfect choice for small and medium installations, such as conference rooms, auditorium, shopping-malls, etc. ARION 5 is made in 15" high density plywood and it is available in two colours: black and white.

Great flexibility in shaping array curvature.

Mechanically speaking the ARION 5 uses built-in rigging hardware with adjustable angles from 0 to 10 degrees in 1.5 degree increments, which allows for great flexibility in shaping array curvature.

Integrated amplifier module.

The tri-amplified module included into the SL 115 SA provides a complete control over each band. The amplifier offers three separated ways, 1000W for the own subwoofer and 500W + 500W for the SL 25 satellites (mid+high). The module incorporates balanced/unbalanced inputs with tone controls and preamplified output.In relation to protection functions, this amplifier incorporates circui- try which avoids damage caused by short-circuits, DC voltage in the output and thermal. The built-in DSP allows to set and insert a defined number of equalization filters, what makes it an easily adaptable system for different situations.

Configurable DSP module.

The amplifier has integrated the new DSP module that allows to get the appropriated equalization by setting several parameter. The process is very accurate and it is made through exclusive software, allowing to inte- grate a wide range of EQ settings.Therefore, the amplifier is precisely set to offer the best performance pos- sible to the whole system according to its loudspeakers and transducers. The module has a switch that makes possible for the users to select three pre- fixed presets for enhancing a particu- lar band (voice, loudness and default).