IC T Series 4

Ceiling speakers

8 seconds, this is the time a contractor need to install these ceiling speakers. Forget about screws and any other slow mounting system: you only have to press the buttons to trigger clamps and directly fix speakers to the ceiling. This fast-mounting system is 10 times faster than any other system, so contractors will save many time and increase their efficiency. This unique and patented system is also very easy to use. Anyone can install speakers, no need to be an expert.

One of the main tendency in installation design is to hide the plastic parts of ceiling speakers. The IC T series features an ultra thin frame design with a uniform grille which occupies 96% of the total speaker surface.

In order to provide a high quality sound, the IC T ceiling speakers include an efficient two way system, perfectly adequate for background music.


Two way ceiling speakers.
Suitable for high impedance voltage line installations.
Ultrafast fastening system (only 8 sec.), easy to install.
The grille occupies 96% of the total speaker surface.
Perfectly adequate for background music.