MINO A Series

Active Loudspeaker

MINO 12 A PRO and MINO 15 A PRO are two self-powered loudspeakers (full range) with an excellent frequency response. Their design is based on the passive loudspeakers of the series.

The amplifier has integrated the new DSP module that allows to get the appropriated equalization by setting several parameter. The process is very accurate and it is made through exclusive software, allowing to integrate a wide range of EQ settings.

Therefore, the amplifier is precisely set to offer the best performance possible to the whole system according to its loudspeakers and transducers. The module has a switch that makes possible for the users to select three prefixed presets for enhancing a particular band (voice, loudness and default).




Self-powered loudspeakers (full range).
Excellent frequency response.
DSP control system (via software).
Made of resistant MDF wood.
Trapezoidal shape.
Rigging system and a 35 mm diameter insertion.