MR 110 Line Series

Garden speakers

WORK PRO presents the new version of MR 110 LINE, its garden speaker with a rock shape. Its design has been improved to face external weather conditions and provide optimum results.The first significant change has to do with the speaker´s chassis. Whereas most garden speakers have an aluminium chassis, MR 110 LINE is made of ABS plastic to protect speaker from oxidation.The other improvement has to do with connection system. A new base with connector has been added to avoid wearing down cable and to protect connection. In addition, thank to its power tap selector, it fits almost any installation requirements. MR 110 LINE is available in two colours: grey (MR 110G LINE) or sand (MR 110S LINE).




Garden speaker with a rock shape.
Plastic chassis to protect speaker from oxidation.
Base with connector.
Power tap selector to fit almost any installations requirement.
Available in 2 colours: grey (MR 110G Line) or sand (MR 110S Line).