Ceiling speakers

This powerful installation loudspeaker incorporates an innovative ultrafine grille with two interesting features.

On one hand, it can be painted, so users can customize its colour for a perfect integration with the space. On the other hand, the grille can be easily attached and detached thanks to its fast mounting installation system through magnets. The grille cover almost the total surface of the loudspeaker, increasing its capacity to fit and making it a discrete and stylish solution.Once installed, it is possible to swivel the tweeter to control the directionality in order to enhance the audio experience. PURE PRO Series is composed of three models with different loudspeaker diameters and power outputs, which make them suitable for different requirements. Contractors can rely on a powerful solution, easy to install and integrate, for their low impedance and line voltage projects.

2way loudspeaker series designed for fixed installations
Suitable for high impedance (70V/100V) voltage
Built-in overloading protection
Line and low impedance (8") installations
Power output selection through multi-position switch
Innovate magnetic grille for and easy access to power tap selector
Euroblock screw terminal for easier installation
The grille covers almost the total surface.