UDA Series

Uniform Dispersion Array Column

The UDA series array system from WORK PRO is a new concept of modular column. Thanks to its specifically system of filters and its 8 or 16 transducers (depending on the model) this join allows to keep a tight and constant dispersion in most of its wide frequency response. Its vertical dispersion control means to decrease possible architectural acoustics problems, allowing to sound complex rooms with possible sound problems.

The UDA devices focus most of the energy in the main lobe on the audience coverage, preventing uncontrolled beams that generate unwanted reflections which create an increase in the reverberation, which makes difficult the intelligibility. Moreover, its special design allows to reproduce a highly directional vertical coverage and to achieve cylindrical sound waves. The traditional sources present 6 dB drops when the distance between the source and the listener is doubled, while the directivity control can reduce this loss in 3 dB as the UDA 8 & UDA 16 don?t disperse the energy in the vertical axis.