WND Series Passive

Thanks to their trapezoidal design and speaker´s distribution, WND loudspeakers can be used as commercial projectors or grouped to form a cluster.

Each loudspeaker is composed of 2 woofers and 1 tweeter for a large sound dispersion. Their combination provides an excellent output frequency mix, a well-balanced sound for short distances and a great medium frequency response.

A self-powered version of each model is now available: WND 6A and WND 8A. They feature Master volume control as well as balanced Combi XLR inputs and Euroblock.

Taking into account their shape and the 2 available colours (black and white finish), WND loudspeakers are perfectly appropriate for commercial audio applications, providing flexibility and sound quality.


Versatile, two way trapezoidal loudspeakers.
The self-powered version is available.
Excellent output frequency mix.
Well-balanced sound for short distances.
Available in black and white finish.