ZERO Active Series

Arion Subwoofers

ZERO SUBS Series Zero is a new series of Subwoofers which complement the Arion Product concept from WORK Pro designed for install and portable sound applications because on both, users are looking for compact size but powerful response. Zero Active series is composed of 2 models, Z15 A (single 15"), Z18 A (Single 18")with a Class D amplifier which combined with the built-in DSP makes a prefect sound adjustment for each model.

Made for an impact bass

Being a direct radiation design, it has a great impulsive response and compact size (which becomes in "punch" bass) making it very suitable for direct sound and/or music clubs or discotheque. In addition, the powered versions takes even more from the unit because of the built-in preadjusted DSP and the high efficient class-D Amplifier

Cardioid Pattern possibilities

Thanks to the direct radiation design, Zero subwoofers are designed to make a Cardioid pattern configuration if needed. With Cardioid configuration it reduces (almost eliminates) the low frequencies radiation backwards removing the effect of a low frequencies in the stage where the musicians are, and allowing to clearly listen the monitor speakers at the stage.

Portable and durable

With a 21mm high quality plywood and rugged powder coated grill, the construction are designed to resist the touring mobility but also it has been designed to be portable because of the very compact size.